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Sentienceandscience.org (‘The Sentience and Science Foundation’ or this ‘Website’) has written these Terms of Use as an agreement between Sentienceandscience.org and you, the website visitor. By using this Website you accept these Terms of Use. If you are in doubt, you can contact Sentienceandscience.org or stop using this website.

The Terms of Use were last updated on 24th January 2021. They should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy.

Your use of this website

By using this Website you agree to abide by the law and not damage the website in any way. You also agree to use all content on this website in accordance with these Terms of Use.

Intellectual property

The content of this Website is protected by copyright and other laws of The Netherlands and similar laws and international treaties abroad. You acknowledge that all content on this website are owned by Sentienceandscience.org or its licensors (together the intellectual property of Sentienceandscience.org).

Except as permitted in the ‘Copyright Approval and Permission to Use’ section or with the prior written permission of Sentienceandscience.org in other cases, you may not use or reproduce content from this website in any way.

Copyright Approval and Permission to Use

Content on this website may only be used or reproduced with the express permission of Sentienceandscience.org. If Sentienceandscience.org lets you use its content, the following copyright notice must appear on all copies of such content:

“Copyright Sentienceandscience.org”


The trademarks on this website are owned by Sentienceandscience.org, its suppliers, or its licensors. You may not use or reproduce these trademarks for any reason or allow them to be used without, in the case of our trademarks, the prior written permission of Sentienceandscience.org or, in the case of third party trademarks, the written consent of the owner of the relevant trademark.

Feedback and Unsolicited Submissions

If you provide feedback to Sentienceandscience.org about this website, you give Sentienceandscience.org the right to use that feedback to improve this website and anything else it wants, without being obliged to pay you any compensation in relation to the use of that feedback. If you give Sentienceandscience.org unsolicited ideas, they will be handled in accordance with these Terms of Use; and they are considered non-confidential; and Sentienceandscience.org does not have to cite the source.


This website may use cookies to better serve you. For more information about cookies used on this website, please see the Privacy Policy.


Sentienceandscience.org makes no warranty as to the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of content or material appearing on this website. Sentienceandscience.org offers this website and related information and services on an “as is” basis without any warranties of any kind.

Sentienceandscience.org and its suppliers or licensors are not liable for any issues that arise in connection with the use of this website or reliance on any information on this website.


Occasionally this website will be subject to interruption. Sentienceandscience.org does not guarantee that this website will be served error-free, without interruption, or free from design defects. Sentienceandscience.org is not liable to you if this website is no longer available, interrupted or delayed for any reason.

Malicious code

Sentienceandscience.org makes an effort to prevent the introduction of viruses or other ‘malicious code’ on this website and in digital communications related to this website. However, Sentienceandscience.org does not guarantee that this website does not contain malicious code. Sentienceandscience.org is not liable for any damage attributable to malicious code.


Sentienceandscience.org makes an effort to protect the security of your personal data. However, there is always a risk of unauthorised access to personal information on this website. Sentienceandscience.org assumes no responsibility or liability of any kind for any damages or losses you suffer as a result of unauthorised access.


Sentienceandscience.org has the right to add, change or remove, without notice, any content or other part of this website. Sentienceandscience.org has the right to change these Terms of Use from time to time. You are responsible for checking the Terms of Use to be aware of any changes.

Applicable law

These terms of use are governed by Dutch law and the Dutch courts have the non-exclusive authority to hear and settle disputes related to these Terms of Use.

For questions about the Terms of Use, please contact Sentienceandscience.org.

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