TDMFP Mentoring Programme

The final part of the Tony Durston Maverick Fellowship Programme is a mentoring programme. The aim is to provide a mentor to junior scientists struggling with the dogma in their fields, for up to five mentoring sessions. (Mentors and Mentees may of course agree to continue meeting after the Programme ends.) Mentors will be senior scientists with relevant experience. The role of SBW is to serve as intermediary between applicants and potential mentors. SBW board members may function as mentors, and members of the Tony Durston Maverick Fellows’ Network may also be asked. As the goal of this part of the Programme is to support junior scientists who are struggling, the mentoring programme is open to applications from more junior candidates as well, such as PhD-students.

How to apply:

To apply please send the following to

  • An application of max. 2 A4 detailing the nature of your idea(s); how they differ from the consensus in your field; and how you came up with them.
  • A motivation of why you are applying for mentoring within the programme (e.g., is mentoring not available through your institution?) and who you would like for a mentor (a general sketch is fine, but you may also make suggestions for a specific scientists) of max. 1 A4.
  • Your narrative CV, max. 1 A4

Deadline and procedure:

This is an open call, so there is no deadline. Applications will be evaluated by board members of the Sentience and Science Foundation. We aim to complete all evaluations within two months of receipt of the application.


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